The SavvyScribe Growth Lab is a strategic coaching program for healthcare writers that are ready to start mastering foundational skills needed to focus and land your first paid gig in less than 8 weeks!  If your motivation is high, then the work will be easier to achieve.

Carol Bush and Janine Kelbach, hosts of The SavvyScribe Podcast, are ready to support you with group coaching, trainings, co-working sessions and accountability.



to help you create a strategic plan to follow.


to push through your freelance business goals.


on tips and tricks for setting up and growing your freelance business.

You're Invited to Join the SavvyScribe Growth Lab

Designed for aspiring health writers that are ready to master foundational skills needed to focus and land your first paid gig. 

You hear us on ITunes through our Podcast

You see we are committed to help you move your business forward because we have been there.

We get it.

Life is so busy, distracting, and many of us are burned out trying to work too many hours at the healthcare job and are ready for a change.

We are here to help you so you feel prepared for your first gig, your next client, and help you grow as a true CEO of YOUR own health writing business.

We’ve worked with hundreds of freelancers, and experience has shown us that those at the part-time level reach their goals faster when they have clear strategies & accountability.

We also know that having solid training to help define your niche, and set up systems that form a strong foundation, can greatly impact the ease of managing accelerated growth in your business.  

Belonging to a community where other freelancers are also learning to become better CEOs and have the same goals as you is motivating.

What are the benefits of the SavvyScribe Growth Lab?

  ✔︎ Revenue and profit growth.
  ✔︎ No longer feeling alone in the hustle.
  ✔︎ Coaching on how to structure pricing for your products and services.
  ✔︎ Acceptance with others who get you and who genuinely want to see you succeed.
 ✔︎ Helping make key decisions on what to focus on and what to let go.
✔︎ Confidence to be consistent while you scale your business.

And here is the hard truth.

The biggest benefit of this program is the other freelancers in it.

- You will not find them at a local meeting.
- You will not find them in a general Facebook group.
-You will not find them at a conference.

Not all together.

You might find one, here and there, but not an entire group.

There are VERY few freelancers who have the ambition to reach goals like you have. That’s why you’re a part of The Savvy Scribe Tribe.

Who can Join?

This is a special group just for highly motivated aspiring health writers trying to land their first gig or next and who are ready to learn foundational business skills.

At any point going forward, you will have a fellow high performing health writer to lean on.

Freelancers that are not in your normal group of friends...they understand your motivation for growing as a high performing health writer!

SavvyScribe Growth Lab Group Coaching is for freelancers who are:
✔ Just starting out or under $1000/mo profit.
✔ Ready to distinguish what is working and let go of what’s not.
✔ Love the idea of weekly accountability and focus.
✔ Ability to set aside time for participation and training.
✔ Strong and ambitious, but open to a challenge.
✔ The Imperfect Freelancer.

No need to apply if you:
✔ Want to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now.
✔ Avoid and do not think of yourself as coachable or teachable.
✔ Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business.

The SavvyScribe Group Coaching

What's Included?

✔Weekly - Group Training Calls
✔Weekly - Coworking & Q&A Hour
✔Ongoing - Private Facebook Group only for ✔SavvyScribe GrowthLab Coaching Clients
✔Content - Readily Available for Members only + Workbook + Videos
✔Commitment - 8 week initial commitment

Focused Group Training Topics

✔ Goal Planning
✔ Strategy - Specialize/Niche
✔ Portfolio
✔ Pitching
✔ Pricing strategy
✔ Optimizing LinkedIn
✔ Landing a Gig!


✔HOURS of training
✔Communication Apps
✔Private Facebook Group
✔Live video trainings


"Carol and Janine are the real deal! Knowledgeable yet approachable, and willing to give the beginning healthcare writer foundational skills to reach her freelance dreams. Well worth the investment!"

Jennifer M.

"The expertise and knowledge of both of you was astounding! You had so many tips and tricks ready to share and did a great job of individualizing the experience for each participant."

Tamara R.

"The group was laid back, and comfortable and I learned so much. I liked listening to everyones progress and hearing the encouragement each week. Thanks so much! You guys are the best!"

Amy B.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the frequency and length of calls?
All calls are 60 minutes in length:
Coaching/Training Calls biweekly Tuesdays at 10:30am EST
Co-Working / Q&A meeting biweekly Friday at 10:30am EST
How often can I ask questions?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions on each call and in the private Facebook group for all SavvyScribe GrowthLab Coaching Clients. Carol and Janine participate in the SavvyScribe Group Coaching Clients Facebook group. Tag them when you need specific input.

Why is SavvyScribe a 8 week program?

We believe that long term sustainable revenue in your business won’t happen overnight. We’ve learned that through consistent, strategic action, motivated freelancers receive results.

We've designed the SavvyScribe program to be an 8 week sprint to master the foundational skills needed to focus and land your first paid gig. We use this as a model to continue to build your business at this pace through advanced coaching programs. 

What's the cancellation policy?

You may leave the program after your 8 week commitment has been met.

 Are you guaranteeing I will land a paying gig at the end of 8 weeks?

We don’t offer guarantees in any of our programs however, we believe this is a conservative time frame for achieving a paying gig when clients are focused, teachable, and committed.